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Jigs an' Reels ©

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

Jigs an’ reels an’ whirlin’ chiels
an' sinners dancin’ ‘mangst the creels
an’ young the love upon display
lyke rising sun o’ brakin’ day,
t’was fun, the playing o’ lovin’ game
when we were young.

Lads and lassies swirlin’ roon’
an’ hoochin’ tae the pipin’ soond
an’ roses in their bonny cheeks
an’ mony were the secret keeks
‘tween lovers ower that dancin’ flair,
when we were young.

How we danced the auld Strathspey
as midnight cam in laughter gay
an’ joy was a’ we iver kent
an’ love was a’ we ever meant
when rinnin’ chasin’ the lassies hame,
when we were young.

Hot the kissing in the lane
when sheltering frae the pattering rain,
whispering promises in the dark,
but she aware, o’ my laddie lark
scolded me wi’ playfu’ slap
when we were young.

Now, in wintertimes cauld embrace,
I remember still, her bonny face
an’ the sweet scent o’ her maidenhair,
her summertyme heat
an’ my despair
at her depart.

When we were young
we ran laughing through showers
an’ naked through flowers
o’ young love.

What sacred times we lived in,
when we were young....

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