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Jenny ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

There is always hope, I have heard it say to help us through a trying day
To pass away the boring hours, whether you exercise or just pick flowers
There are people who just like to care, for you and me who have lots to share
In this world we have today, not much work and many people have lots to say
They find the time to lend an ear, and listen to your worries and fear
And when we have shared our struggles and strife,
we will feel that then we are ready for life
I met a lass called Jenny, who felt she had lost her chance
To work along with other people and get the odd romance
She felt that she was inferior because she was a little fat like many people today
But I believe when she finds her confidence, it will help her on her way
It just takes time and patience, to guide us to be strong
That we might awake like other people and waken with a song
But up until that time comes, we never give up trying
Although we feel that we're left out.... sometimes depressed and crying

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