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I Wonder ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Lots of stars up in the sky.
The universe immense.
Wondering what is out there,
can really be intense.

Lots and lots of planets,
too far for us to see.
Lots of moons around them.
Some with more than three.

Some are really roasting,
others very cold.
Some are almost perfect,
for man to behold.

We look at them with telescopes.
Sometimes send a probe.
To see what like a planet is,
it's secrets we disrobe.

I wonder if there's life out there.
Someday I'm sure we'll know.
As technology takes us faster,
to the planets all on show.

Lots of galaxies to explore.
In time we will do it all.
In the meantime must be content,
till something there may call.

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