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I Wish For One Wish ©

Allen Steble
Port Kennedy, Australia

Every being has a great desire
Something they truly long for
Something that no price can buy
A small opportunity, an open door

If only I could live a fairytale
if only I can live a dream, yes I wish

I wait for it longingly every night and every day
I seek it religiously, I dig for it unknowingly
It will come to me shortly, yes, that's what I always say
expectation is my master and it rules so bitterly

It is ever so close, it is never that far
If only I could reach out, yes if only I wish

One day I will find this treasure, yes I know I will
No clue will ever lead me, no map will ever guide me
Maybe soon it will reveal itself, on the top of a bright green hill
The chest is already here, all I need, yes all I need is the key

I can see what I am after, I can feel its presence
if only I could reach out and touch it, if only I wish

Finally, oh finally I have found what I have searched long for
It is not a glistening diamond or a clump of gold
Fame nor fortune has it hugged me with, but I tell you
It is my own journey, yes the greatest tale I have told

I have more treasure to find, yes more chests to unlock
If only I can continue my dream, yes only If I wish

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