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I walked with the Devil, and seen pleasures own Face. Sonnet.©

Shaw o' Inchrory
Cheshire, England

I walked with the devil, where in thought I was free
heard daemons companion, welcome his company.
For the pleasures portrayed gave no hint of its pain,
where today's undertaking, was proud proof of its gain.

Where women would walk, with pleasures thought as a task,
for fulfillment was easy, if one cared just to ask.
For their nights fully filled with such heaving distress
with wildest cries of their pleasure, they would so profess.

For the devil did know, which music, man would wish play,
when he beat to that drum, which hearts felt in foreplay
to sigh with soft words, when sough songsters so sing
When those nuptials of night, in their pleasures play bring.

So I walked with that devil, and fell ne'er from grace
and remember so clearly, those that showed me their face.

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