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It Would Last ©

This poem is about betrayal.

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland
a few years ago

To betray me was the worst possible thing that you could ever do
Hand me over to the people, who had already tried to destroy me, not you
To leave me open, then denounce me, while shirking any blame
It was your "only choice", you said, then pretend to forget my name

But you, you couldíve chosen, you couldíve spoken out
You couldíve not allowed me to live with so much doubt
You didnít have to shun me and leave me unfulfilled
You couldíve just approached me before the second kill

I donít believe coincidence was really to blame, twice
For two young lives, two divas, dead by the same vice
You look me in the eyes now, the fear long surpassed
But not accepting everything, in anyway, made sure that
It would last

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