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It's My Life ©

Joe Reynolds
Barrow-in-Furness, England

It wis a good year in Fifty One
Thatís when Ma and Da had thir first son
Joe was the name they gave me for life
That wisney so bad as itís liked by the wife

School was a pain and a didney da well
But when a started ma apprenticeship a really excelled
A mechanic to trade and a good one at that
Pity I was let go when I finished ma papers and that

Whit da ya da when yiv na job and na money
You run away to somewhere thatís supposed to be sunny
Wales was the place I headed for next
Not the place to be caught if yir lookin for sex

Alas my life was goin nowhere
So I decided to join the army somewhere
Dumbarton's the place where I first signed up
If only Iíd know then what Iíd have to give up.

24 years passes faster than you think
And during it Iíve seen lots of places and drink
I came out with a pension that lasted one year
I could not get a job so it wisney the beer

I now have a family and a really good job
Iím happy and glad that I came through it all
And pleased Iíve not turned into a big fat blob
Would I do it again? Yes cause I had a real ball

My wife and my kid are now my main love
So I thank ma Da whoís looking down from above
My old old Ma is still here so I thank her so much
Although sheíll still give me a slap to show sheís not lost her touch

Iím halfway through what we would call life
And could not have married a better wee wife
She gives me the reason to keep this heart beating
And as long as she is there, my life is worth living

Itís not been bad and I look forward to more
But, I hope for my child to have a bit more
We have tried to better this world for our young
And I hope that they appreciate what weíve done

Should anyone think that life is not a blast?
Just think of all the good things remembered from the past
Your life is important and precious to some
Like my wee wife and kid are the ones
Remember this, for life is precious, and long may it last.

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