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Is this me...or is this you? ©

Mystery Rose

Let me tell you a story
A sad one at that
I hope no one can relate
It's about a gal suffering from someone's unjust hate

Eight years ago this gal went to get a job
And all she needed was money to make it all work
They offered her benefits, vacation too
One day she could retire, so she said "Yes.
I will work and very hard, I'll do my very best."

As a single mom she worked hard everyday
She detailed her duties, she showed up early each day
She became the best at procuring things for the best price
She took great pride in all she did
She was proud she got the best bids.

It was calm for a little while
And that manager over there
Decided that he was the boss
And insisted she become his

She was frightened and alarmed
For he held her check
"Do me good, or I will turn you into a wreck!"
She didn't know what to do
But she knew what to say
"NO!" she shouted and kept on shouting to all the disarray

That man over there eyed her and caused her dismay
He touched her inappropriately
He said awful things
He cornered her in doorways
He took what was hers.

Without permission, without a thank you
He zipped up his pants and left her black and blue
She coward in the corner
She lost her will to live
She saw her child staring
And decided this was no good

She covered up her bruises
She hid her feelings inside
She showed up after the bruises subside
She took a stand and said I will fight this
This is against the law and "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

The managers didn't see her as her tears she cried
They punished her unjustly
They tried to silence her
She became more confused as the days grew to doom

They didn't say they were sorry
But they gave her a check
They wanted to just settle the mess
She said "I will accept it, but money can't undo this."

Eight months later, they attacked her again
This time with more fury
Because she stood up to them.

They threw him in her face
They blamed her for what he did
She couldn't believe the nightmare
And what was on her plate.

Someone came to help her
A very good friend
He said "All men are not like this!
Let me take your hand.
I will stand with you and fight.
Don't be afraid
Let me give you a hand up
For this is just not right!"

We entered a courtroom
And we said "NO!"
This is not acceptable
So let the record show
There is a law against harassment
There are laws that are just
We are hoping that justice is metered and will punish the unjust

She found out there are laws to protect her privacy
She fought the state and she fought justly
Justice seemed to fail her
As they awarded them
Summary judgment is for the defendants
We just sat and said, "I'll be damned!"
What just happened?
How could this judge err so badly?
What motion was he reading?
What facts were at hand?
We were defeated
We were sad to say the least
But there is another land where the waters run deep

She stuck her head in law books
She took her child too
She stayed up all night to learn the rules of the courtroom

She took her friends hand
And said I'll be damned
We have a fight to finish
And we will walk free in this land

Find your feet man
Find the way
Fight like there is no tomorrow
Stand with me today
My fate can't end,
NO, not in this way

There are laws to protect us
There is freedom to be won
Invasion of privacy
Sexual harassment too
Oh No! Mr. Manager you will not silence us
Oh No! Mr. Judge, you must admit the unjust

Last week there is an offer to settle with them again
They don't want to admit that they lost this hand
They know what happened
They know what is true
You can't hide from that,
You can't silence, no not one of us

That woman investigated and reported untruth
That woman is still on a power play
She is spitting more vehement than a poisonous snake
Her anger has turned inward, and that is her fate
She created that mess when she lied
And stretched more truth than the taffy dyed.
What will her life be like the next day?
She is twisted, demented and all tangled up
She thinks what she does can affect us

Justice in my future
Means to examine the past
Face all the ghosts and face all the demons
For what was taken that day
Can never be returned
But I must not allow that cripple to rule.

The future indicates great things
Is this me or is this you?
I'm in your corner for my friend taught me to be true
True to myself and the system too
Accept all the demons for they can't hurt you
Face your fears, find your feet
For each day, you no longer must weep.

I had to identify what it is that makes me cry
And what makes me crumble inside
I had to deal with the truth of that awful night
When someone walked in and robbed me from sight

I've come to realize
That what I do right now
Will influence who I become
Justice is not metered equally across the board
Never give up fighting for what is right
The sun offers a welcome calm after the storm
Sometimes twist comes and there is evil that is adorned.

Don't let your fear overpower you
Fight for what is right
In any legal battle the honest side will prevail
Is this me or is this you?

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