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I Should Have Played For Ladybank Violet ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Not ever in my sporting prime,
Whatever talent I had of mine,
And skill that I did unearth,
Did I take to the land of my father's birth.

I should have played for Ladybank Violet,
A scout may have seen me and signed for Dundee.
I could have been capped for Scotland,
That's what I would have chosen for me.

But I never played for Ladybank Violet,
I've never graced a Fife football field.
I've not scored a goal in the league or a final,
In Fife I've not won a cup or a shield.

If I had one wish I'd go back to the day,
When I could run from the Forth to the Firth of Tay.
What a fantastic idea,
I should have gone for a few weeks in every year.

But it's too late now and no matter how it may seem,
I've done it all, I've done it within my dream.
In that dream I'm representing Scotland,
That's everything I wanted to do.
And if my dad was alive,
I'd tell him I did it for you.

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