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I Remember You ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

The winter when the trees are bare
A moonlit night, time to share,
An old armchair, a fireside
That is where my memories bide.

A puddle on the roadside
Hazel-tree's down in the glen,
Awakening from their winter sleep
It's lambing time again.

A shepherd rugged up from the cold
His walking stick in hand,
The hills are where he works all day
He dearly loves the land.

The mist it swirls and twists
Out where the Curlews call,
Their song lingers on the breeze
As the dusk, begins to fall.

Golden plover fly across the moor
In formation they dip and soar,
Daisy spread out across the fields
Who on earth could ask for more?

Suppertime, hot scones to eat
Time to rest my weary feet,
The family they all come together
Sometimes we discuss the weather.

Time for repose, the day has gone
The green hill is where I belong,
Memories linger the years have gone
I remember now, the old Scots songs.

Bonnie Galloway. Skye Boat Song:
As a youth I could do nothing wrong,
I looked for someone else to blame
Will ye no come Back Again?

I am a Scot, the Battles O'er
Flower of Scotland, I adore,
My Scottish Homeland we all sing together
Scotland now and forever.

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