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Iraq Latest ©

(the work of news barons)

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Another day with low sky grey,
He's breaking silence
With telly;
My mind switched off
In disarray -
To hear the news - their top story.

...Iraq Latest.

Our cats watch birds on window sills;
Seamus Heaney swings
In my head...
My top stories found
On wick hills!
Hear the blackbird last night we fed.

...Iraq Latest... Iraq Latest...

On the black screen the Rupert Show...
Hours on end the wheel
Of news;
Is there something that we
Don't know?
"...Give us a call, we want your views!"

Iraq Latest... Iraq Latest...
Iraq Latest...

It's only ten in the morning - my mind's tired!
...The same pictures, news
I sought shelter - the other world
I desired
...To come up with,

Dreaming Latest... Dreaming Latest... Dreaming Latest...
Dreaming Latest...

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