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Invasion and Liberation ©

I hated the thought of the invasion of Iraq. I knew, as we all did, the deadly price that innocents would have to suffer in the name of false promises.

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

Why do they offer friendship
for a price,
those men of power, they,
who LUST for more?
Their GREED is so much worse than
simple vice.
for they send their armed cohorts
to our shore.

We had no quarrel with these
men o war
who invaded us for liberation's
but their demonic ANGER apparent
in their eyes,
they offer so much less than
what they take.

If upon a foot the other shoe
was worn,
by these arrogant and righteous
men o war,
would they not in turn snarl
at the raging tide,
of aggression's wicked intent
from afar?

They come in peace to free us
so they say
and deliver us from the evil
of our fate,
but we never wanted war upon
our land.
Will they ever understand the reasons, for
our hate?

They can keep their democratic
way of life,
are paramount,
where PRIDE is used by sly and
unfit leaders,
who turn their heads aside, at the
body count.

Be warned all you popes of
world peace,
whose ENVY can be easily seen
by all,
your might will one day shudder to
a halt
and from the lofty heights of babel
will you fall

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