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In Tribute to a Foreign Beast ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Wee nasty foreign Beasty
willnae gae us time tae or peace-tae
ride oor bike upon yon hill,
let us hae oor moment's thrill

yi sae this is yir land
bought it cheap an noo yiv planned
tae close this bit o ancient track,
stoep thi use o' bike an cart.

We Scots hae seen thi like o' you
whae thought tae tak a different view,
In-tim-o-date bi gun or dug
threatnin stick or ugly mug

Dae yi naw know we hae thi right
as guid Scots folk tae walk or bike
on heathir moor or single hill,
passed bi Lords in argid Bill.

It's time yi learnt thi rules we hae
hoo we folk get by each day,
naw stamp yir merk tae gae us ordir
or wull send yi back across thi Bordir.

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