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In The Quiet of The World ©

Ron Bennett
Masachusetts, USA

In the quiet of the world
I walk the stony battlements
of a cool and verdant hillside.

Waiting for the sun
to warm my naked skin
and fill my soul with peace.

For the voice of the gentle wind
to whisper among the autumn leaves
and tell me it's secrets
in the universal language.

In my solitude I feel the march of time
my nakedness transcending
the mundane world I left behind.

I see my path unfold before me
It stretches down thru the green grass and
takes me to the bank of the great wide flowing river of time.
All things, all people, all my thoughts
and everything I am, converge
and flow slowly down the river
with the rest of the naked multitudes

As the October sun rises
and warms my naked body,
so rise my thoughts
to a higher place.
Bringing me joy,
and showing me the way
to a better life,
In the quiet of the world.

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