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In the Car Park at Tangy Beach, Argyll ©

Paul McAuley
Kilmarnock, Scotland

A bag o bones am I
Rattlin in the wind.
Spying at the horizon,
Thoughts for who I've sinned

Got my own conscience
To keep me company.
It digs, burrows and blames
No other person but me.

I can see it in my own eyes,
The depth of my loss.
The horizon's just a mirror,
Crucified for the cause.

Darkness soon encovers,
Sand blows from the dunes.
Someone's watching me
Listening to D Gray's tunes.

Sun will soon rise again,
I could forget all this
Plead all my ignorance
Live in bliss, bliss, bliss

But I'm just not there yet;
Not now at 21.14 in the car park
At Tangy beach
Listen now as the waves roll in.
Mine's coming soon, so very soon

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