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In Sure Rants Claims ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

If accidents never happened,
or if no-one was to blame?
If “No win - No fee” was outlawed,
would the lawyers act the same?
If you couldn’t sue the Council,
for not picking up your feet?
If “Whiplash” was a T.V. show
now wouldn’t that be neat?

Could all these things not come to pass,
revert to how we once were?
Before we imported the American trait,
to see Dollar signs everywhere.
To get exactly what you deserve,
by kicking up a fuss.
Don’t consider that ninety percent of the time,
the blame should be plastered on us!

For if a few Government bodies,
have to shell out a few quid more.
If some faceless multi-conglomerate
has to compensate the “poor.”(?)
Are we so naÏïve, as to believe,
this has no effect at all.
That what they have lost,
in terms of cost,
won’t be recouped from us all.

The trouble is, it’s too late now.
You never can go back.
We’re stuck now with this culture.
Sad to say, the future’s black.
And so I must resign myself,
in silence to suffer, here.
Until I get me compo cheque,
Then I’m off out on the beer!

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