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In My Mind's Eye ©

Mystery Rose

In my mind's eye
I see myself standing tall and confident
I have access to the wisdom of the universe.

Whatever I think will reflect how I feel
Whatever I feel will reflect how I act or react
However I act or react will set the path of the day
And maybe day after day after day

Change your thinking; you change your life
Believe in yourself
Let go of the strife

Obstacles come to everyone's life
Find a way over
Find a way through
There is nothing that should stop you

You have the power

I feel my inner power growing more each day
I believe I can accomplish great things
There is nothing in my way

I don't have the luxury of a negative thought
I learn to listen to the wisdom from within
I will find the right way in the end
For I never give up

Stress has come to me so immense
That I cannot see the joys that lie ahead
My body, mind and soul are dissolute
There is no good in sight
I shall overcome and stand upright

I see myself stopping throughout my day
To receive the inner guidance I need
I can turn this around, for
I believe I can,
I think I can
Therefore I know I can

In my mind's eye,
I imagine my day going easily and smoothly
As I apply this inner wisdom to my life.

I combine these images with the feelings of joy
Knowing that they will create the good things
For I am visualizing and thinking positively.

In my mind's eye
I see myself standing tall and confident
I will overcome any obstacles in my path
I shall succeed with each corner I turn
All will come out right

In my mind's eye
One must Believe to achieve

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