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In Memory of Sir Jimmy Shand, MA, MBE ©

H Shallken

To all you Scots folk in the land,
I want you all to understand,
And listen to my story,
There lived a man called Jimmy Shand,
Who played fine music with his band,
Which rang of Scotland's glory.

A native of East Wemyss in Fife,
He started with a miner's life,
Then turned his hand to music.
Playing fiddle and mouth-organ,
As well as the accordion,
Jimmy was fantastic.

Jigs, Reels, Polkas and Waltzes,
Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Songs and Marches,
Young Shand was composing now.
Great music for the Country Dance,
Jimmy would play at every chance,
As good as Skinner and Gow.

I met him many years ago,
While broadcasting a wireless show,
With Anne and Laura Brand.
He made our dancing feet feel light,
His tempo always seemed just right,
The mark of Jimmy Shand.

Every studio recording,
Shand was calm and self-effacing,
He played right from the heart.
Jig and strathspey, schottische or reel,
Were played with feeling and such zeal,
It was easy for our part.

Throughout the world he gained much fame,
All dancers got to know his name,
He brought them so much pleasure.
Dance hall, recording and TV,
In person or on BBC,
He was a national treasure.

Ian Powrie, Bobby MacLeod,
Andrew Rankine and Jim MacLeod,
With such fine names we were blest
Angus Fitchett and Jimmy Blue,
Ian Holmes, Jim Johnstone too,
Above them all, Shand was best!

He played a unique instrument
A tribute and a complement,
Germans paid him the honour.
A three row button accordion
Made special for this special man,
A "Shand Morino" by Hohner.

At his home in Auchtermuchty
Jimmy treated you so friendly,
That was his natural style.
To everyone that Jimmy met,
Not one of them could e'er forget,
His ready, diffident smile.

Jimmy played into his nineties,
He had no time for niceties,
Nor the aristocracy.
Tho' honoured with a knighthood,
We all knew for what he stood,
Music was his legacy.

Grant him a special place at rest,
For Scotland's cause he did his best,
Great music he has given.
Jimmy captured Scotland's spirit,
And if there should be any merit,
He'll be playing up in heaven.

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