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In Memoriam ©

(This piece of verse was written just after the massacre of Dunblane. At the time I was teaching miles away near Oxford. However, we too felt the hurt.)
Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Before our eyes sudden horror,
Like a dark slide was meaningless.
To our disgust blended terror;
It's sickening - it is nameless.

No longer safe, school corridors -
Like long tunnels became lifeless...
The bell has rung to remind us
No one could foresee such madness.

Taking away life at this stage
Of innocence is carelessness.
One can't forget or turn the page;
Watching their smiles revives the pain.

Tears of anger on the paper
Tarnished my day down in this world.
Who can forget a murderer?
Why the children and their teacher?

The last question needs an answer!

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