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Injustice to a Queen ©

by H Marshall

"But as for thee, thou false woman!
My sister and my fae,
Grim vengeance, yet, shall whet a sword
That thro' thy soul shall gae!"

('Lament of Mary Queen of Scots' by Robert Burns)

Oh, how our Scottish blood boils!
No wonder we Scots feel irate,
at you, with your devious scheming ways
and treatment illegitimate....
of our Mary, Queen of Scots.

With the innocence of youth she trusted you
but you returned malice and hate.
The throne was her birthright,
while yours was illegitimate....
"Elizabeth I, Queen of England?"

From prison to prison you harried her
behind castle guards she waited.
Fearing her staunchest allies,
eighteen years you held her captivated....
and made our young Queen suffer.

Dank conditions and continual fear
contributed to Mary's ill-health.
You kept her without court or freedom,
without crown or royal wealth....
and stole our Mary's youthful beauty.

Yet, she was your cousin by birth
and believed that would have some meaning.
But you in your cruel mind were dismissive
and to both crowns demeaning....
according her no regal consideration.

You refused her access to her infant son,
auld Scotia's future King James;
While employing spies and informers
to gather her supporters' names....
in the hope of incriminating Mary.

And all the while she prayed for justice
and that which she had inherited.
While you in your fragile state
were the one who demerited....
a Queen's regal position.

You feared her Catholic religion
and showed her no toleration,
demanding that only Protestantism
should be practised by the whole nation....
including our Queen Mary.

At Fotheringay Castle, Peterborough
a case against her you contrived,
accusing her of threatening your life,
using your sycophants who lied....
to calumniate our Queen Mary.

You signed the execution warrant
of our Queen on foreign soil.
Did you never wonder why
you made our Scot's blood boil....
when you murdered our dear Mary?

History has exposed your foul deeds.
By us Scots you'll ne'er be forgiven,
and if there be any justice
you've had your desserts in heaven....
from the omnipotent King!

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