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In Ancient Sport ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

We dapple waters clear and bright
Across great pools of mirrored light
Escaping glints cascading bright
In shadows deep as black as night

Cast by cast in whip-like motion
Rippled glass of spilling lotion
Snaking out thro' teasing potion
Tempting prize from out the ocean

Trout and salmon might prey
Hear our prayer to you this day
Seek to hunt our dappled fly
For every cast by line we ply
Then run and dance and play and fight
Tax our skill and show your might
Trick and skive, be-still the water
To teach us well you great globetrotter

From every land you hear our boast
In rushing spate or delta coast
By desert sands we black and roast
With finest rod or bear like post

Angler, fisher, net or line
With bated breath await your sign
As each at post await forlorn
Sure you come, as sure as dawn…

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