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Ina ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

It's two months since my Jimmy went.
He'd struggled for years, it was just before Lent
Folks have been great, they've all rallied round
I've not spent a penny, not needed a pound
The Social's been round, I've got a Domestic
she's so good to me, simply fantastic

it's at night when they've all gone I feel it the most
I sit and I brood---I feel quite lost
On goes the Telly and then it goes off
what was that did I hear, did Jimmy just cough?
I've got to look, you never know
I know it's nonsense, but I have to go

Then it's off to bed, the worse bit of the night
I just toss and turn when I turn off the light
I miss his goodnight kiss when I go to bed
I laugh at the memory of the things he said
And that lovely feeling when he held my hand
Will I ever get over the loss of my man.

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