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I'm sure there is one in your town ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

There is a wee place in Alloa, up the rear of the mews
It's filled with good people, with all types of views
Ex-miners, ex-farmers some fishermen too,
mothers with children just passing through
Poets, musicians, some people with fame
the old and the aged, the young and the lame
There are ex-soldiers with their stories
when they were young gallant and bold
The single parents, the homeless,
who are left out in the cold
I remember a Pauline and a Donna; a Chris; maybe a Tam;
even a Jean; or maybe it's Pam
There were lots of good people, I have remembered a few
So don't feel alone with just cigarettes and your wee bit meals
I bet you in each town or city, there must be a "Cogwheels"

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