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(The Silence)

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

When the sun is gone forever and the world is cold and dead.
The moon and stars no longer shine and shadows all have fled.

Will God shed a teardrop for all the wars and pain
Then wave an arm majestically and make the sun to shine again.

Man cannot move the stars because he cannot reach them.
And children put their trust in God thatís what we try to teach them.

But what is the point of it all if no one there is listening.
The earth turns white with powdered snow and rocks with ice are glistening.

Why would there be another Eden if there is another snake?
And if Adam was further tempted would he make the same mistake?.

Perhaps he should not go to sleep so God can steal a rib.
To fashion another woman who demands he wash the bib.

Well it was just a fancy thought and Iím going back to sleep.
And if and when Hell freezes over I wonít be there to weep.

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