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I Hate..... ©

Jacqi Campbell
Las Vegas, USA

I hate the way you look at me, with your beautiful hazel eyes,
I hate it when you talk to me, because you never say good-bye.
I hate how your voice keeps resounding in my head,
I hate how when I am not with you, because all I feel is dead
I hate it when I don't talk to you before I go to sleep,
and I hate how I am the one who has fallin' for you deep.
I hate the way you drive, because it scares me half to death
and I hate whenever I am not with you because I can always feel your sweet breath.
I hate how beautiful you are and the way you made me feel,
I hate the fact that none of this can ever be real.
I hate when we make eye contact, cuz I just get blown away,
I hate how I could kiss you every night of every day.
I hate how you give me butterflies, even just with a peck,
and I hate how I love it when you sensually kiss my neck.
I hate how I love your soft lips against mine,
I hate how I'd do anything for you even if it is crossing the line.
I hate how we fight about the dumbest little things,
I hate the fact that I know I will never take off those rings.
I hate when I get in trouble because you always let me fall,
but the thing I hate most is that I don't hate you the littlest bit.
I don't hate you at all.

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