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I Forgot to Tell You ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Well you know what I'm like
I'm forgetting what you have told me,
I've forgot what you've just said
It went right over my head.
I forgot to turn the gas out
And that could have been tragic,
But I remember our anniversary
That's a piece of magic.
I forgot to post you're letter
And pick up a loaf of bread,
I know that you had told me
But it went right over my head.
I know that you had told me
Not to forget to lock the door,
And I forgot to tell you
I will love you for evermore.

Oh, by the way,
I've forgot to say,
I've loved you for every minute
Of every hour of every day.
And oh, by the way,
I forgot to say,

You're still as pretty as ever.

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