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If ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

If I had a summer breeze
For every breath I took,
I'd calm the waves of fury
Subdue the ground that shook.
The winds of change I'd capture
And blow across the land,
To cool the steaming deserts,
To fertilise the land.

If I had the distance
For every step I made,
I'd bear the hottest climate
To find the coolest shade.
The footsteps I would follow
Along the sands of time,
To gather in the harvests,
To make the sweetest wine.

If I had a parchment
For every word I wrote,
I'd print the words of wisdom
And read the wisest quote.
The book of life I'd study
The knowledge I would gain,
To push the pen of freedom,
To lift the mist of pain.

If I had a moonbeam
For every star that shone,
I'd shine the beam of wonder
Across the rising dawn.
The sunrise I'd take captive
Inhale it's golden calm,
To have the light of many,
To make me what I am.

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