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I Can Stop ©

(boxing day 2004)

Josef Lesser
Coffs Harbour, Australia

I watered the peace lily
the plant was begging
in silence I stopped
it dying like the dog
I stopped crying with
dog biscuits the cat
with ham and turkey
after all it is Christmas
and I can do that share
and stop the dying
and the crying and give
peace back to the lily

I went to driving school
I can stop the car I went
to public school I can stop
writing these words reading
the news hearing the news
watching the screen yes
I can stop the waters of
tsunami invading my space
as I can stop the peace lily
from dying the crying cat
the hungry dog yes I can
I went to public school

I can stop listening to lies
I can stop close my eyes
seeing truth in a brotherís face
in a motherís empty arms
in a childís empty dress
I can stop I can stop yes
I went to public school
I am gifted with the power
to stop this intrusion by numbers
losing digits who never won lotto
yes I can stop silence my space

but I can not stop I can not
yes I can not stop a giant wave
swallowing in one gulp a nation

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