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I Believe You, Are Beautiful Too ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Is it too late to tell you my secret
The one I think you don't know
Of my adoration, infatuation
For you, which I couldn't show
Can I tell you how much I've missed you
Of the strain to stop myself kissing you
Can I look into your eyes and remember
Will you hear what I say this time
For you see my beautiful Lucia
It is you I have always loved so
It is you I have so constantly dreamed of
And could never quite let go
All the days and nights of dreaming
Were not wasted on fantasy alone
But preparing me for meeting
My most treasured and precious swan
Every day as I passed by you walking
I wanted to stop, say hello
But I knew just how much you so feared me
And how much you tried to let go
I could never quite bring my sad self
To express my beautiful thoughts
In shame of the way that I caused you
To recall all the loss, all the loss
If only things had been different
I would have come and embraced you so tightly
And I'd stroke your hair so lightly
Just the way you remembered in dreams
When we walked so carelessly uninterrupted
Along lochs, hills and streams
But this time I won't wake up crying
Because I reminded you of the dying
Oh my darling, my darling Lucia
Say you love me once more, just once more
You remember, I'm sure, when I told you
Alluded a little too subtly
Of my love and my adoration
Oh my darling, my darling Lucia
If this is the last thing you hear
Then this should be the last thing you know
My beautiful, precious Lucia
I believe you, are beautiful too

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