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I Asked the Wind ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

I asked the rain
When I stood at the orphanage wall:
"Why do you pour on me furiously?"
The rain replied: "Don't cry so often!"
And cloudbursts pelt down on the yard.

I asked the sun
When they took me to another orphanage:
"Why don't you shine for me?"
The sun replied: "Keep smiling!"
And disappeared behind the clouds by the sea.

I asked the clouds
When my mother rarely was allowed to look after me:
"Why are you so gloomy above me?"
The clouds replied: "Calm down constantly!"
And gathered turbulently in the country.

I asked the snow
When they took me to another family:
"Why do you treat me so cold-heartedly?"
The snow replied: "Nevertheless, warm your heart up!"
And clashingly a frosty night came over the village.

I asked the wind
When again they took me to another family:
"Why do you blow me back and forth?"
The wind replied: "Everything comes and goes!"
And rushed to the shores of Caledonia.

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