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I Am a Seeker ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

I am a searcher
Who gropes in the dark
Trying to reach for the stars.
They show me the right way
Through the foggy dark to the light.

I am a loser
On earth this is much certain
For me there is no permanent home.
I have always been on my quicksand soil
Since in post wartime they shoved me around.

I am a lost sheep
That is fond of peace and quiet
yet restless, only sometimes I return to you,
All too soon I have to set off to new horizons
That's why you must start if you want to catch me up.

I am a rambler
Like all the others
Very often I go astray
Unexpectedly I am in the wrong place
Going out in search of last minute panic adventure.

I am a wanderer
On the path to Caledonia
I know the ways of the world
But she was nowhere to be found.
Once again painfully I have missed her.

I am a seeker
On the Milky Way
Trying to forget my tragic events.
I want to believe: Seek and ye shall find!
If it is true in the end I won't miss my connection.

I am a winner
In spite of everything.
And some day I will recognize
That each separation can be motivation force
To drive my zest for life hopefully to get a new turn.

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