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Homo Sapiens United ©

Robin MacLean
Oban, Scotland

Carefully now we synthesise our own misfortunes
their antithesis too have been carefully calculated
this scrap of land that we call home
is just a curving wave in the great ocean of nothing

With microscopes we look for the force
that kicked us into life
with children’s chemistry sets we tell the world how old we are
our teachers are the worst students to learn from
they too are learning

A chess board please for every chess piece
our pawns can walk forever blind
and still not find royalty
space them out in different universes
and tell them they are special

Maybe tell them they are unique
and synthesise misfortune
reproducing through parthenogenesis
into madmen with guns
look how fortunate now they are
both calculated and cruel
no wonder they’ll not find royalty
fighting amongst each other

Now if gravity brought those boards together
and lashed them to existence
we could watch as they proceed
so unrecognisable to each other
waging war on scrap heap battlefields
and synthesising misfortune

Forgetting we can reproduce together
we are all as Homo sapiens
now species one and species two
recognise each other please
and reproduce our fortune
to the skies that are our seas.

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