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Home for Christmas ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Little boy, it's Christmas Eve
Out side the snow is falling,
Santa Claus is coming soon.
What time will he be calling?

The star of peace is overhead
What would you like to say?
My daddy’s in the army
Could he come home to stay?

Every day and every night
We need him when mum's crying,
I want him home with us.
We don’t want him dying.

Peace on earth good will to men
That’s all I want to say,
Please, dear lord tell me
My daddy’s on his way.

Christmas morning came and went
We hope you’re not alone.
I need you dad
We need you back home.

The front door slowly opened
Somebody in the dark,
It was my dad: it was my dad
Did you come home by cart?

We all cuddled up together
We talked well into the night,
I saw that mum was crying
This time it was delight.

My dad is now home forever
The years have come and gone,
I still need my daddy
Not just when things go wrong:

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