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Mystery Rose

Today my mom took me to see Santa
I climbed up on his lap and he held me tight
He asked if I had been good this year
Did I do what my mother said I should
Are you kind to others
When you play
Do you show love each and every day?

I said I try, but sometimes I can't
For my little brother, is such a mess
He smiled at me and he asked what I want
I said a home for us so we can be warm

My mother's eyes filled with tears
Today is Christmas there is no tree
But the car has gas and we kept warm
The night brought such an awful storm

We went to church as we always do
We celebrate Jesus no matter the day
He is our savior even with the dismay

I asked Santa for a home
I prayed real hard and tried to be good
We must be grateful for what we have
We must be faithful in our Lord
"We are together." is my mother's famous words

We walked slowly down the street
We saw a sign on the window seal
The owner of the store needs someone to sweep
We went to talk to the people inside
They offered us a room for us to be warm
We will work for our keep and do a good job
We got a home on this Christmas Day

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