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Holyrood ©

Caroline M King
Queensland, Australia

Doon the Canon's Gait, a Royal Mile awa'
Holyrood t'was built, an Abbey Kirk sae braw.
Within the wa's were alters rich wi gold,
and haly men read words frae bibles auld.

This haly lodge soon bacame a regal hame,
noble Scots arms etched in ancient stane.
Oaken wood carved wi bonny flooer an leaf,
adorned the Massey Palace o' the Stuart chief.

This muckle hoose saw mony a foul misdeed,
yon mirky nicht Rizzio's life awa did bleed.
Mary saw him kilt wi' sharp daggers drawn,
his body, reft, twa's buried wi the dawn.

Stuart lads and leddy's, now lang sinc deid,
and our tragic Quean who lost her heid.
Lived an loved here by cozie ingle warm,
now at peace, awa frae life's cruel harm.

Charlie, oor prince was gaen, but nae forgotten,
his leal lords foughten upon the moor Culloden.
The butcher, to Holyrood once came to stay,
mony a brave lad the deil Duke did slay.

Belyve nae Stewart king wad come to bowse,
to hunt the stag nor shoot the grouse.
Doon the Canon's Gait a Royal Mile awa,
Holyrood house, proud she stauns, this Palace braw.

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