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Holding Our Breath ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Weíve been holding our breath
Ever since you left
My son
Ever since our argument
When there was so much sun
We canít quite seem to breathe now
The world is not so warm
And when I heard that youíd never come home
I only wished to die
My son, my beautiful child
How can it be so?
When you were so much bigger and stronger
than anyone I could know
My darling, I donít know how to live
Without your presence here
And now I can't seem to view the world
except through all these tears
I want us to be all together again
Laughing, fighting and playing
My family is no longer whole
Now that you canít come home
There is no way to live now
I have tried this all before
I just cannot go on without my boy
To admire and proudly watch grow
It seems youíve been with me forever
and now I cannot breathe
The air just doesnít go in properly
And now I wish to leave

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