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Highland Countryside in Winter ©

Bobbe J MacDonald
Inverness, Scotland

Bleak barren land stretching into space
High jagged peaks, far and far to see
Closer bog and domes of hills
Stretching past rivers and lochs.
Trees like sentinels standing dead,
Bare with accusing branches, pointing

Bleak frozen land lit by late sun's rays
Cold winter sun, emphasising shadows,
Dark blue and black.
Solid rivers filled with boulders glazed with bright reflection
Peaks of frozen water, broken by pressure.

Silent lifeless land, yet so full of life,
No green or brown appears.
No bird, fish or animal runs, eats or hears
Noiseless, windless, caring land
Covered in thick simmering snow.

Empty alive land, as the sun sinks and the sky darkens.
stars twinkle and far to the north colours appear,
The night's rainbow, dancing plumes of life.
Still silent, white and cold
This wonderful Highland land.

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