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Hide And Seek ©

J.M. Smith
Illinois, USA

The charmer's way was with the light
As childish play renewed the night,
And tiny wisps of shadows lay
As fairy mists upon the may.

And Michael, young and small was he,
Did stand with tongue against the tree,
With silent eyes and counting slow,
With searching sighs and eager toe.

The number came and now was gone.
From posing shame the blinking fawn
Did raise his head to be alone
Where life had fled to realms unknown.

At first struck dumb by barren lot
The shout, "I come! Ready or not!"
And whirled round and round again
But never found a trace of them.

Along he went the ways he knew,
And long he spent in searching through
Those secret shades and shadowed nooks
And flowered glades round bubbling brooks.

Try as he may he found not one
Who, when the play had first begun,
Ran laughing by into the night
From covered eye and blinded sight.

And time did pass so quickly there
That soon, at last, the twinkled stare
Did hypnotize the boy so deep...
Closed fell his eyes in wondrous sleep.

And all around him sleeping lay,
The starlight found each hidden fay
And kissed the dew on dimpled cheek
As if it knew...hide and seek.

And Michael lay in grassy bed
And, to this day, it's even said
He sleeps there still, though few may see,
Near gurgling rill and willow tree.

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