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Hidden Meanings ©

Krystal Fowlkes
Lakewood, USA

It is dark and small candles light.
I cannot see what brings me this night.
I see strange things but I cannot tell
if this is to be heaven, earth, or hell.

Why am I here?
Who is to know that I am here all alone?
I see myself in a mirror,
the person I want to be, then it changes
what is supposed to happen to me.

Is it illusion?
Is this a trick?
How am I supposed to learn through this mist?
I see a man of stone and on his plaque it read.

"If you have no fear but fear itself
you will know you have more to fear than

What meaning is that?
Is there a truth?
Can I be something I want?
Or is that a falsehood?

Seeing waves of color lights
like the rainbow.
I wake up and ask myself
Is there a hidden meaning in all that I dream?
or is it my self-conscience trying to wake me from a deep sleep?

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