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Her Last Sunset ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

I stood at your kitchen window
and tried to wash away
your shadows of pain
that dripped from my hands.
You were all alone these days,
no one could enter your world,
no one could ease your suffering.
Your bony fingers
stroked at wild grasses,
once your fragrant herbs.
Their presence fed colour
into your sleeping mind
and their scent bathed
your senses with comfort.
I knelt beside you
until our heads touched.
Your upturned face close to mine
seemed fragile and small.
I listened to your shallow breath,
your lips trembled,
and I felt you searching for death,
so you could lie down with it and rest.
I kept looking for some sign
that you knew I was there.
You gave none.
My presence just a mist
in your line of vision.
I watched your eyes follow the sunset
and saw your soul go with it.
In that moment, something
rose from your garden and pulled you in.
I went back to your kitchen window
and found, that I too was now alone,
searching for the death
that kept you company
instead of me.

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