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Her Dad Disapproved ©

A man's acceptance of a son-in-law.

Dedicated to Hag Howell.

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

When we first met we were young and carefree,
She was a little bit younger than me.
And we went to the youth club dance,
Her dad disapproved of our youthful romance.
Then all of a sudden we were wed,
A few years passed before we wet a babe's head.
Did her dad disapprove of our youthful romance?
He played with our kids when we went out to dance.
Did her dad disapprove the day we were wed,
When he sat with our kids and put them to bed?
And didn't he often come looking for me,
To find out where I was likely to be?
And I brought him a pint when he found where I were,
A dinnertime drink I could never deter.
We played the football pools together,
He worked on my house in all kinds of weather.
We went to the seaside and backed a slow horse,
It should have done better when raced around the course.
Did her dad disapprove the day we were wed?
I heard about me he had once said.
I was the son that he never had,
To come from Hag, it couldn't be bad.

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