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Heaven's Gate ©

Sabrina Sheldon
Silsbee, USA

You've been my friend,
For what seems to be an eternity,
I couldn't think of what to say,
To let you know how much I am grateful to you,
So now I'll tell you why,
You help me when I'm feeling down,
You always help me be able to believe in myself
and you stop me from trying to back down,
So if the morning comes,
And I don't awake,
As they start to lead me through Heaven's gate,
I'll ask them to let you know,
That I'm watching out for you,
Even though I might not be right there by your side,
You'll always have a friend from above,
Watching over you,
And when the day comes for you,
I'll be the first to come to you,
As you walk through Heaven's gate too.

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