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Hay Day ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

The smell of seaweed on the breeze
The wind is whistling through the trees,
Rain clouds on the far horizon
Making hay, it is enticing.

The weather seems to hold a grudge
The rain clouds they, just won't budge,
Morning tea and after that
There it goes, a thunderclap.

No rain as yet, a flash of lightning
We will all keep on fighting,
Dinnertime, it's holding on
It's one o-clock, the clouds have gone.

Twist and turn the hay is ready
Come on boys keep it steady,
Then I said, It's milking time
It's what: after all, our hard grind.

Go on then, you can do the job
We will stay out here and make a bob,
And don't forget when it's done
Come back here, don't walk if you can run.

The milking is over in a flash
My old man will think, that was fast,
Instead he said with a sneer
It is high time that you were here.

All the hard work has been done
The bailing has now just begun,
I looked at dad, with a plea
Its time we had a cup of tea.

His reply sounded like a blast of thunder
I think it came from deep down under,
Just then the wind began to blow
Then the lightning put on a show.

Thank you dear Lord, no rain as yet,
I would not want the hay to get wet,
The day was finally a complete success
My father's mind is now at rest.

Next day my father came to me
I hope you won't disagree,
Yesterday I was tired out
There was no need for me to shout.

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