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Havra ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

There, there,
don't hold your tears.
It's in your eyes that big blue dream,
like suspended on each ripple -
holding hostage that small lighthouse,
a safe haven west on our side
where the sun slides
through silk and salt.
I taste the sea.
We moor our souls on a lone beach,
walk through tall grass,
those fields of jade -
me next to you,
sat on the edge of a headland
watching the world,
tomorrow fade
into the mist of that moment.
We share the food of our own thoughts,
a glass of love, sweet slice of life,
Atlantic sky -
we seek treasures in-between stones...
For all I know, the watermark of all your smiles
printed onto the horizon.
It's in our eyes that big blue dream,
I still feel it back on mainland -
it tastes like salt there
on my lips.
For all you know,
I'm still drinking the Atlantic
like a long shot of

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