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Happy Birthday Christ! ©

Mark McKay
Bathgate, Scotland

Happy birthday Christ! we wiss ye well,
Tho whits done in yer name we daurna tell,
Yer mony cannie wirds still resonate,
But a the modern pratticks only grate,
A million twinkly lichts shaw a the sins,
Octobers whan the wuddrim a begins,
An fegs, till oorie Februar brings the bills,
Yer mass is but a maelstrom o oor ills,
Whit maks the puir yit puirer, dowfer yit?
Wha cannae wi thair fee fine praisants git?
Whit brings mair evil tae the warld than guid?
Had a the pouer tae cancel taw a wid,
Whit turns oor plaisant weans tae greedy gryce?
Whit gars tae greet ilk douce man an his wife?
A thoosand adverteesments, baubled trees,
Auld Lizs condescensions on TV,
(She shud haud her chaw for her ain brood,
It's langtimes sine thay makkit mither prood!)
Then gutsiness taks ower we stowe oor gabs,
Wi turkey, puddens, sweetmeats cake in slabs,
An whan it's ower a thats left is debt,
An muckle credit caird bills tae regret,
Wi Hogmanay an a its wild excesses,
The hangover the spleet-new year depresses,
A wiss ad find a sonsie, mawsie hurcheon,
Ad sleep the whilie wi the couthie urchin!

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