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Hampden Park, Bagpipes, Drums and Legends ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

At Hampden Park as the bagpipes play,
The drums did beat this late afternoon
On a dull September day.

The atmosphere was exciting,
Like soldiers armed and ready for fighting.
I looked down on the pitch so green,
Where heroes and legends have been.
Dalglish, Docherty and Law,
England and proud Bobby Moore.
Greig and Shankly have rolled up their sleeves,
Jock Stein, Alf Ramsey, Pele and Greaves.

The floodlights have shone in the Glasgow sky,
The Scots have been led by the brave Dave Mackay.
Puskas and Best have excited,
Jimmy Johnstone the crowd he's ignited.
Keegan and Souness have battled,
Styles and Bremner have tackled.
Matthews and Finney have elegantly graced,
Billy Liddell, Bert Williams has faced.
Archie Gemmill whose goal brought back pride,
To the boys who wore blue by his side.

Looking down on the turf I can still see them all,
Maradona, McGrain and wee Alan Ball.
Celtic and Rangers many times have played on,
Like the legends and heroes long gone.
John Thomson, Gordon Banks and the Charlton brothers,
Billy Wright, Jim Baxter and so many others,
That played the passionate game,
We wait the new era of another great name.

As the Tartan Army sang loud
I stood with my son and felt proud,
The Flower of Scotland did play
All around on this September day.

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