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Halloween is Coming ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Halloween is coming.
It's coming very soon.
With witches on their broomsticks.
Zooming past the moon.

Fairys dancing in a ring.
Skipping round the trees.
Elves are up to mischief,
throwing all the leaves.

Ghouls and ghosts and evil things.
Flying all about.
Scaring people is there goal,
and love to hear them shout.

Pixies, bats and spiders,
all about the place.
Creepy crawlies and scary things,
even a pumpkin face.

You better not stay out too late.
And never be alone,
as all the witches, ghouls and ghosts
would catch you on your own.

So go on home before it's late,
and go to bed and dream,
'cause in the morning when you wake,
the scary things won't scream

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