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Halloween Fun ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Halloween is the time of year
when we have lots of fun.
Dressing up in costumes
from the mature to the young.

The mature go to parties.
The young go round the doors,
trick or treating with their friends,
children by the scores

They go to peoples' houses
doing their party piece.
Singing songs or saying rhymes
for rewards of fruit or sweets

Some they dress so scary,
others dress so sweet
Going dunking for apples
which is a special treat.

They try to bite the doughnuts
hanging on a string
This is not an easy task
as they start to swing.

The children's bags get heavy
as they go down the streets
Going in and out of houses
filling them with treats

Halloween is almost over
the children have had fun.
They will have to wait a year
for another one to come.

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