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Growth Rings ©

John McCormick
Bass Lake, Ontario, Canada

I look in the mirror,
Just like you
And see myself
At twenty-two.
The changes came,
I didnít feel them,
Till now.

I think of all the things I did,
When as a lad, and just a kid,
Tattoos were in.
But, not for me.
Iím sure they had a certain charm,
But who wants "Mother"
Printed on his arm,
For all to see,
At my age?

I look upon the youth today,
ĎCause as they are,
The same they'll stay.
I wonder if they'll still
Be tragically hip.
With ring in belly,
And bead in lip
Studs in eyebrows,
Rings in ears.

Will they still be there
after all the years?
And with no hair,
Will they see the moles of age,
As tokens
Of the present rage
Now vacant holes,
Enlarged with time,
Viewed through wiser eyes?

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