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Green Velvet Meadow ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

Walk with me
on green velvet meadow
shaded by the ancient
apple trees

Kick off your shoes
remove your white lace stockings
as barefoot melodies
tickle your fancy

Enjoy the cool grass
between your toes
as butterfly wings
tickle your nose

Dance with me
on green velvet meadow
beside the laughter
of the sweet silver stream

Share love
in the long grass languishing
too and fro
in the gentlest of breeze

Climb the heights
passion lays before us
longing in the soft scented
valleys below

Make love to me
in wild abandonment
filled with the desire
of splendid ecstasy

Cozy up
satiated and spent
contented as the first stars
of evening wink and glow

Walk home with me
on green velvet meadow
serenaded by the cricket's
lilting call

Come to bed
dreamscape falling
peacefully awaiting
the red rooster's
morning crow

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